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HconSTF Firebase is Fully Customizable, Versatile in Usage can be used in many Web related hacking needs, Simple and easy to use interface, small in size and light on resources. contains hundreds of features for :
  • Web Penetration Testing
  • Web Exploits Development
  • Web Malware Analysis
  • OSINT & Cyber spying 
Very comprehensive and plenty of tools for exploitation and supports verbose debugging features for Web Exploit Development.  HconSTF Firebase contains blend of online and offline tools for Pentesting called 'WebUI'. includes scanners, encoders, and much more. IDB is Integrated database with huge amount of Web payload. Helps in many Open source intelligence based tasks like
  • Passive Web & Network Reconnaissance
  • Doxing
  • Cyber Spying
  • Hash cracking
Encoding / Decoding & hashing Features and tools, supports wide variety of formats, character set and algorithms for making payloads undetectable. Darknets and proxies integrated, Spoofing tools. supports integration with many decoy options, includes many tools for proxies and anonymizing networks.  
 PDF Tutorials :: Quick Malware Analysis Using HconSTF
                              HTTP Headers Spoofing Using HconSTF
Download Here :: Firebase_0.5.exe (for Windows) 
                               Firebase_0.5.tar.bz2 (for Linux)
Official Website :: http://www.hcon.in/


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