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Web-Sorrow is a versatile security scanner for the information disclosure and fingerprinting phases of pentesting.Web-Sorrow is a perl based tool for misconfiguration, version detection, enumeration, and server information scanning. It's entirely focused on Enumeration and collecting Info on the target server. Web-Sorrow is a "safe to run" program, meaning it is not designed to be an exploit or perform any harmful attacks. 

Basic overview of capabilities:
  • Web Services: a CMS and it's version number, Social media widgets and buttons, Hosting provider, CMS plugins, and favicon fingerprints.
  • Authentication areas: logins, admin logins, email webapps.
  • Bruteforce: Subdomains, Files and Directories.
  • Stealth: with -ninja you can gather valuable info on the target with as few as 6 requests, with -shadow you can request pages via google cache instead of from the host.
  • AND MORE: Sensitive files, default files, source disclosure, directory indexing, banner grabbing (see below for full capabilities) 

Download Here :: Web-Sorrow 1.5.0.zip
Source :: http://code.google.com/p/web-sorrow/


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