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FCrackZip is a zip password cracking tool. Naturally, programs are born out of an actual need. The situation with fcrackzip was no different... I'm not using zip very much, but recently I needed a password cracker. "Sure", I thought, "there are hundreds of them out there, I'll just gonna get one!". This wasn't so easy, in fact, none of the zipcrackers I found were able to find the passwords, either they didn't accept more than one zipfile, were awfully slow, or didn't do brute force attacks (which I needed). The worst thing was: no source!. Why is no source! such a bad thing? [insert big chapter about the free software spirit here, anyway people will never learn... You will find reasons why it's much better to provide source to your programs here, at opensource.org, and here, at the Free Software Foundation. Now, what are the features of fcrackzip? 

Download Here :: fcrackzip-bin-win32-0.3.zip (for Windows)
                               fcrackzip-1.0.tar.gz (for Linux)
Official Website ::  http://oldhome.schmorp.de/marc/fcrackzip.html


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