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FOCA will analyze metadata from Microsoft Office Documents, PDF files, Open Office Files and Word Perfect files, EXIF Metadata out of images and the best part is that you can add the files you collected manually or found and downloaded thru web searches using Google and Live Search witch makes it extremely flexible for pentests. it will enumerate Users, Folders, Printers, Emails and the version of Software used to create the file. This tool will run on Windows XP and Windows Vista, I found it to be really unstable in Windows 7 Beta.
FOCA means seal in Spanish language. FOCA or Fingerprinting Organizations with Collected Archives is a tool to discover files on target website and extract metadata from it. FOCA is a Windows based tool for the metadata extraction. It provides a GUI for easy usage. FOCA basically uses search engines for the purpose of discovering files and extracts metadata from them. There also exists an online version of the application, which can be found at 

Download Here :: FOCA 3.0
Online Version ::
Official Website ::


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