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Spamhole is a fake open SMTP relay, intended to stop (some) spam by convincing spammers that it is delivering spam messages for them, when in fact it is not.

Usages ::

spamhole.h Config Options:

PWD - spamhole's present working directory (where it stores it's data.

UID - spamhole's running UID (after binding to the port, it drops privs to this user)

IDENT - A text string to uniquely identify this spamhole.This string will be added to modified emails via the
 X-SpamHole-Ident header.

LOCAL_IP - The local address you want spamhole to listen on (use "" for all local addresses).

LOCAL_PORT - The local port for spamhole to listen to (usually port 25)

SMTP_RELAY - The remote SMTP relay or mail server that spamhole will redirect connections to for mail service.

SMTP_PORT - The port that SMTP_RELAY listens on for SMTP.

MAX_CON - The maximum number of unmodified 'passthrough' SMTP connections any given IP is allowed to have.  After
 this threshold is reached, incoming SMTP will be modified and tagged via X-SpamHole headers.

HOLEADDR - The email address that modified connections will have emails re-addressed to.  This should be a SPAM
 mailbox or spam registration address, such as the registration address for a Bayesian Filter.

Download Here :: Spamhole 0.4.tar.gz (for Linux)
Official Website ::


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