XMPPloit is a command-line tool to attack XMPP connections, allowing the attacker to place a gateway between the client and the server and perform different attacks on the client stream.
The tool exploit implements vulnerabilities at the client & server side utilizing the XMPP protocol.
The main goal is that all the process is transparently for the user and never replace any certificate (like HTTPS attacks).
  • Downgrade the authentication mechanism (can obtain the user credentials)
  • Force the client not to use an encrypted communication
  • Set filters for traffic manipulation
Filters that have been implemented in this version for Google Talk are:
  • Read all the the user’s account mails
  • Read and modify all the user’s account contacts (being or not in the roster).

Download Here :: XMPPloit (for Win)
Official Website :: http://www.ldelgado.es/index.php?dir=aplicaciones/xmpploit


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