IKE Scan is a command-line tool for discovering, fingerprinting and testing IPsec VPN systems. It constructs and sends IKE Phase-1 packets to the specified hosts, and displays any responses that are received.
ike-scan allows you to:
  • Send IKE packets to any number of destination hosts, using a configurable output bandwidth or packet rate.
    This is useful for VPN detection, when you may need to scan large address spaces.
  • Construct the outgoing IKE packet in a flexible way.
    This includes IKE packets which do not comply with the RFC requirements.
  • Decode and display any returned packets.
  • Crack aggressive mode pre-shared keys. You can use ike-scan to obtain the PSK hash data, and then use psk-crack to obtain the key.

Download ::

This will compile on Unix and Linux systems as well as Windows systems with Cygwin. You will need a C compiler, the "make" utility and the appropriate system header files to compile ike-scan. It uses autoconf and automake, so compilation and installation is the normal ./configure; make; make install process.
This is a zip file containing a Win-32 binary version of ike-scan together with the Cygwin DLL which provides posix support. It runs on Win-9x, NT, 2000 and XP. The executable was produced by compiling the ike-scan source on a Windows system running Cygwin.

Tutorial ::  

IKE-Scan User Guide  :: Click Here


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