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Sandcat Browser is the fastest web browser combined with the fastest scripting language packed with features for pen-testers. Sandcat Browser is a freeware portable pen-test oriented multi-tabbed web browser with extensions support developed by the Syhunt team. The Sandcat Browser is built on top of Chromium, the same engine that powers the Google Chrome browser, and uses the Lua programming language to provide extensions and scripting support. 
Some of its unique features include:
  • Live HTTP Headers — built-in live headers with a dedicated cache per tab and support for preview extensions
  • Sandcat Console — an extensible command line console; Allows you to easily run custom commands and scripts in a loaded page
  • Resources tab — allows you to view the page resources, such as JavaScript files and other web files.
  • Page Menu extensions — allows you to view details about a page and more.
  • Pen-Tester Tools — Sandcat comes with a multitude of pen-test oriented extensions. This includes a Fuzzer, a Script Runner, HTTP & XHR Editors, Request Loader, Request Replay capabilities and more.
Features inherited from Chromium include:
  • Multi-Process Architecture — each tab is its own process
  • Developer Tools — in addition to the Chromium Developer Tools, Sandcat comes with a Source Code Editor and its own JavaScript and Lua consoles.

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Windows :: Sandcat v4.4


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