Turbo Assembler 
Turbo Assembler 5.0 is a full featured stand-alone assembler. This product includes all the tools needed to create and debug assembly programs for 16 and 32 bit DOS and Windows platforms, including Windows 3.X, Win95, Win98, and NT. Some of the tools included are assemblers, linkers, console style debuggers, and resource compilers. Each of these tools comes in a 16 bit and a 32 bit version.
C++Builder 5 Professional and Enterprise both include and integrate TASM32, the 32 bit assembler, with the IDE, allowing you to write or add inline assembly code or assembly sources to your 32bit Windows C/C++ projects. For building and debugging stand alone assembly programs for DOS and Windows, Turbo Assembler 5.0 is recommended.
Create Fast Applications, Faster Order the world-standard Borland Turbo Assembler® and see how lightning-fast assembly speeds can turbocharge your turnaround times. In tests, the Borland Turbo Assembler proved itself up to 70% faster than other popular macro assemblers, with assembly speeds of up to 48,000 lines per minute! And it's versatile, with full Intel chip set support-from 8086 to Pentium.
IDEAL for Beginners and Pros . If you're just starting out in assembly language programming, Turbo Assembler's innovative IDEAL assembly mode will help you get productive faster and catch more errors sooner. And if you're a C++ professional, Turbo Assembler's advanced coding instructions will help you get the most from your assembly language programs. You'll especially like how Turbo Assembler's MASM compatibility mode lets you add new life to legacy code.

Specifications ::

  • Up to 48,000 lines-per-minute assembly
  • Full 8088, 8086, 80286, 80386, i486, and Pentium support
  • IDEAL and MASM assembly modes
  • Interface support for C, C++, Pascal, FORTRAN, and COBOL
  • Multi-pass assembler with forward-reference resolution
  • Fast 16- and 32-bit Turbo Linker®
  • Turbo Debugger® for DOS and Windows 

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Windows :: TASM v5.0  
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