Computer Forensics
Revealer Toolkit is a framework and simple scripts for computer forensics. It uses Brian Carrier's The Sleuth Kit as the backbone, as well as other free tools.
The aim of the Revealer Toolkit is to automate rutinary tasks and to manage sources and results from another perspective than the usual forensic frameworks. It will be specially useful in cases with several computers and digitals forensic sources.
RVT is developed and actively tested by computer forensic investigators working at EVIDENTIA and INCIDE, spanish companies sited at the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Introduction to version 0.2.1

The current state of the project can be described as a proof of concept, that is, RVT version 0.2 proofs that the objectives we are looking for are reachable, but further work is necessary in order to have a stable version.
Therefore, RVT v0.2 can be used to automate computer forensic tasks on a group of several digital forensic images, but the code is still buggy, some tasks have to be run manually, and the interface has to be improved.

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