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Rootkit Hunter is scanning tool to ensure you for about 99.9%* you're clean of nasty tools. This tool scans for rootkits, backdoors and local exploits by running tests like:

    - MD5 hash compare
    - Look for default files used by rootkits
    - Wrong file permissions for binaries
    - Look for suspected strings in LKM and KLD modules
    - Look for hidden files
    - Optional scan within plaintext and binary files

Rootkit Hunter is released as GPL licensed project and free for everyone to use.* No, not really 99.9%.. It's just another security layer

System requirements:
    - Compatible operating system (see 'Supported operating systems')
    - Bourne Again Shell (BASH)

Supported operating systems ::
- Most Linux distributions
- Most *BSD distributions

Tutorial ::

Scanning Techniques :: Click Here
Documentations :: Click Here
Video Tutorial :: 

Download ::

Linux :: RootKit Hunter v1.4.0 (.tar.gz)


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