GoLismero is an open source framework for security testing. It's currently geared towards web security, but it can easily be expanded to other kinds of scans.
The most interesting features of the framework are:
  • Real platform independence. Tested on Windows, Linux, *BSD and OS X.
  • No native library dependencies. All of the framework has been written in pure Python.
  • Good performance when compared with other frameworks written in Python and other scripting languages.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Plugin development is extremely simple.
  • The framework also collects and unifies the results of well known tools: sqlmap, xsser, openvas, dnsrecon, theharvester...
  • Integration with standards: CWE, CVE and OWASP.
  • Designed for cluster deployment in mind (not available yet).

Tutorials ::

Installation :: 
Strictly speaking, GoLismero doesn't require installation - only its dependencies do. So if you want to use it on a system where you don't have root privileges, you can ask the system administrator to install them for you, and just run the "git checkout" command on your home folder.
Briefly Tutorial of Installation ::  Click Here
Basic Usages :: Click Here

Download ::

Linux | Mac | Windows :: GoLismero Archive (.zip) 
Official Website :: https://github.com/golismero/golismero


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