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Netsparker is the only False-positive-free web application security scanner. Simply point it at your website and it will automatically discover the flaws that could leave you dangerously exposed. Netsparker is a web application security scanner, with support for both detection and exploitation of vulnerabilities. It aims to be false positive–free by only reporting confirmed vulnerabilities after successfully exploiting or otherwise testing them.
With its unique False-Positive Free guarantee, Netsparker is the only web application security scanner that uses a built-in exploitation engine to positively confirm vulnerabilities, leaving you free to spend your time eliminating threats, not proving them.
Netsparker’s Post Exploitation feature takes automated exploitation to the next level, revealing additional insight into your security infrastructure that no other automated testing product can match.
And with Integrated Exploitation you can manually exploit identified vulnerabilities directly from within Netsparker, enabling you to see the real impact of an attack just by clicking a button.

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