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SILICA is a tool for hacking or Wi-Fi penetration testing. Understanding the vulnerabilities of your WiFi network can be challenging as users can easily create networks on demand, or even perhaps unintentionally. But as recent events have demonstrated, scanning your WiFi network is an important part of understanding your security posture.
Most vulnerability assessment tools simply take their current network scanners and point them at the wireless infrastructure. This approach does not give you the information that is unique to wireless networks. Immunity has built the first automated, WiFi specific, vulnerability assessment and penetration tool.
Unlike traditional scanners that merely identify possible vulnerabilities, SILICA determines the true risk of a particular access point. SILICA does this by unintrusively leveraging vulnerabilities and determining what assets behind the vulnerable access point can be compromised.
Additionally while traditional scanners can enumerate the vulnerabilities of a particular target, they cannot evaluate whether a mitigating control is in place on the target or in the surrounding environ- ment. With SILICA’s unique methodology it can report on whether vulnerability can be successfully exploited.
More than simple scanning, the benefits of using SILICA include:
1) Improved security posture
2) Simplified trouble shooting
3) Network mapping
4) Create real threat profiles and vulnerability assessments
5) Build WiFi risk and vulnerability analysis for PCI, SOX
6) Rogue access point detection
7) Auditing wireless client security

With SILICA You Can ::

1. Recover WEP, WPA 1,2 and LEAP keys
2. Passively hijack web application sessions for email, social networking and Intranet sites.
3. Map a wireless network and identify its relationships with associated clients and other access points.
4. Identify vendors, hidden SSIDs and equipment passively.
5. Scan and break into hosts on the network using integrated CANVAS exploit modules and commands to recover screenshots, password hashes and other sensitive information.
6. Perform man-in-the-middle attacks to find valuable information exchanged between hosts.
7. Generate reports for wireless and network data.
8. Hijack wireless client connections via access point impersonation.
9. Passively inject custom content into client's web sessions.
10. Take full control of wireless clients via CANVAS's client-side exploitation framework (clientD).
11. Decrypt and easily view all WEP and WPA 1/2 traffic.

Tutorial ::

Download ::

Windows :: SILICA_VM


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