WiFinger was planed to become the first available wireless LAN spoofing detection tool. WiFinger is a passively identifies wireless access points based on matching the Information Elements in their beacon packets against a fingerprint database. It is written in Python and uses Scapy, and has been tested in Linux.
Currently we only have a handful of signatures, so if you want to contribute to this tool, here’s what you can do:
  1. Get your access point and enable WPA and WPS (if supported).
  2. Capture the beacon frames that your access point is broadcasting and save them to a pcap file.
  3. Send us the pcap file along with as much information about the access point as you can (make, model, firmware version, hardware revision, ESSID and BSSID).

Download ::

Linux :: WiFinger.tar.gz
Official Website :: http://wifinger.sourceforge.net/


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