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GoldenEye is a HTTP DoS test tool. This software is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3). GoldenEye is a HTTP/S Layer 7 Denial-of-Service Testing Tool. It uses KeepAlive (and Connection: keep-alive) paired with Cache-Control options to persist socket connection busting through caching (when possible) until it consumes all available sockets on the HTTP/S server.
This project started by the influence of Barry Shteiman who created HULK, a Proof-of-concept tool that I decided to improve which later became GoldenEye. Kudos for you Barry! This software is written in purely Python.

Tutorial ::

Usages :: 
 USAGE: ./goldeneye.py <url> [OPTIONS]

     Flag           Description                     Default
     -t, --threads      Number of concurrent threads                (default: 500)
     -m, --method       HTTP Method to use 'get' or 'post'  or 'random'         (default: get)
     -d, --debug        Enable Debug Mode [more verbose output]         (default: False)
     -h, --help         Shows this help

Download ::

Python :: GoldenEye (.py)


  1. Can someone please give me an example of how to use this? Thanks! I know how to run it through CMD, but I can't figure out the right syntax. Maybe I'm not reading the tutorial right.

    1. Brother, GoldenEye is a python file. if you want to use it in windows so perform following steps -
      1) Install Python on windows
      2) set python environment variables
      3) Open CMD
      4) Type following -
      python goldeneye.py http://www.sitename.com/
      5) If you want to change default options as shown in help menu so you can change it by passing correspondence parameters.