Advanced Encryption Package is a File encryption, Secure File Transfer, Batch File Encryption and Encrypted Backups. Advanced Encryption Package adds new features to the context menu of Windows Explorer. As you can see on this screenshot, context menu has new menu item AEP and some subitems under this item: Encrypt, Decrypt, Create Self-Extracting File, Wipe. 

Features ::
  • Easy to use for novices. It integrates nicely with Windows Explorer and made easy for novices.
  • Strong and proven algorithms to protect your sensitive documents (20 encryption algorithms).
  • File and/or text encryption.
  • Symmetric and asymmetric algorithms (17 data destruction algorithms).
  • Secure file deletion.
  • Using USB flash drives to store [en]-decryption keys.
  • Creating encrypted self-extracting file to send it as email attachement. No additional software is required on other end!
  • Complete command line support to fully automate [en]-decryption tasks.


Tutorials ::

 How to Article :: Click Here

Download ::

Windows :: Advanced Encryption Package Pro 2014 (.msi)
Official Website :: http://www.aeppro.com/products/aep.shtml


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